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The SpawnWorld Encyclopedia
The SpawnWorld Encyclopedia includes entries for nearly every character and location from virtually every Spawn-related comic book. Entries are arranged alphabetically, usually by a character’s first name.
 The colored bars to the left of the entries indicate whether they fit into core continuity or not. Green bars indicate "in continuity", Orange mean questionable, and Red bars are out of continuity.
 "References" refer to issues in which the entry appeared or was mentioned.
- A (Angela)
- BF (Spawn: Bloodfeud)
- C (Curse of the Spawn)
- CF (Casefiles: Sam & Twitch)
- CY (Cy-Gor)
- DA (Spawn: The Dark Ages)
- S&T (Sam & Twitch)
- U (Spawn: The Undead)
- V (Violator)
- W (Sam&Twitch: The Writer)
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