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The SpawnWorld Books Library attempts to list every Spawn related publication worldwide. From current issues to back-issue comics, guest appearances and mini-series, here you will find cover images, publication information, issue synopsis, and more!
Spawn (Ongoing Series) Spawn (Direct Editions)

The series that started it all. Spawn was, until recently, the story of Al Simmons: a man who made a bargain after his death to see his wife once more, but who got more than he bargained for. He returned to Earth as a hellspawn: one of Hell’s elite officers-in-training. Replacing Simmons is a new mysterious Hellspawn named Jim Downing.

Newsstand Editions Newsstand Editions
Sold on newsstands in places like grocery stores, drug stores, and certain bookstores, Newsstand Editions were printed on newsprint paper and had much smaller print runs than direct editions.
Former Series Former Series
Spawn series that have run their course. Including such titles as Spawn: The Dark Ages, Hellspawn, Sam & Twitch, and more.
International International
Spawn and related series that have been printed around the world. Including reprints of US issues, as well as original publications created exclusively for their native market. Printed everywhere from Mexico to Japan and many places in between.
Miscellanea Miscellanea
Mini-Series, One-Shot issues, and other miscellaneous special-release comics in the world of Spawn.
Collected Editions Collected Editions
Reprint collections of Spawn comics, both from the ongoing series and a wide range of other series as well.
Books and Magazines Books and Magazines
Non-comic books, magazines, and other publications mostly devoted to Spawn.
Guest Appearances Guest Appearances
Appearances by Spawn in non-Spawn comics, as well as direct crossovers with other characters.
Cover Appearances Cover Appearances
Non-comic publications featuring Spawn (or related characters) in a cover story.
Cover Appearances Parodies and References
Appearances in comics that aren't of Spawn himself, but rather direct parodies of him or clear references to him or his appearance.
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