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Attila the Hun
According to Cog, Attila the Hun's soul resides in Heaven. He was chosen by the Shining City so that Hell could not claim him for their ranks.
Auldwych Grimoire

Auldwych Grimoire
A tome of knowledge stored within the Archives of the Hellspawn. Cog consults the Grimoire when searching for information on a bizarre mark left on the necks of murder victims in and around Rat City. He would later discover it was the mark of Diabolus Interium.

Aunt Delia
Twitch's aunt, Delia was a devout believer. When the rapture came, she was (as she expected) beckoned to Heaven along with the other faithful. While on Earth, she signed up for a free online service that would alert any friends and relatives left behind - and Twitch received the notification.

Avenging Angel of the Fifth Heaven
During the creation of the first Redeemer (Anti-Spawn), this angel was contacted by the Orbital Angel Station to arrange for the transfer of elemental fire to the body of Jason Wynn.
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