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Spawn 75
Image: Trent
* Shown but not named
  - Book: Spawn
  - Issue: 75
  - Date: August 1998
  - Writer(s):
- Todd McFarlane
- Brian Holguin
  - Artist(s):
- Greg Capullo
- Danny Miki
- Scott "Dude" Kobayashi
- Todd McFarlane
- Tom Orzechowski
- Brian Haberlin
- Dan Kemp
- Tyson Wengler
- John Gallagher
(Cover Inks)
(Art Design)
  - Notes: - This is the newsstand edition. It is printed on newsprint paper and has a upc "barcode" on the front cover.
- This issue includes a 5 page preview for "Daring Escapes: Featuring Houdini"
- 1st appearance of Greenworld
- Sacred Ground (Heap/Greenworld storyline part 3 of 3)

Spawn appears in what appears to be paradise and wonders if he has finally gone to Heaven. It quickly becomes clear that he has not. A being known as the Keeper arrives and educates Spawn of Greenworld's view on the war between Heaven and Hell.

On Earth, Bootsy is forced to accept his fate for interfering in the lives of mortals.
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