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Spawn 250 Cover H
Image: Trent
  - Book: Spawn
  - Issue: 250
  - Date: February 2015
  - Writer(s):
- Todd McFarlane
  - Artist(s):
- Szymon Kudranski
- Fco Plascencia
- Tom Orzechowski
- Greg Capullo
- Todd McFarlane
- Jonboy
- Ben Timmreck
- Andy Arias
- Jordan Butler
- Joe Ferstl
(Interior Color)
(Cover Pencils)
(Cover Inks)
(Interior p.59)
(Art Direction)
  - Notes: - There were 10 covers released for this triple-sized issue, plus 1 Dynamic Forces Signed edition.
- Covers A-F were standard distribution.
- This is cover "H" and it was an incentive cover with a distribution of 1:25.
- Rebirth of Al Simmons as Spawn.
As a plague of insects bats and other creatures descends on New York, Police and government officials, including Sam and Twitch, struggle to help everyone that has become trapped. Jim Downing, who believes the plague is here to attack him, decides to lure the symbiote to a final confrontation in the alleys.
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