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Sam and Twitch 2
Image: Trent
* Shown but not named
  - Book: Sam and Twitch
  - Issue: 2
  - Date: September 1999
  - Writer(s): - Brian Michael Bendis
  - Artist(s):
- Ashley Wood
- Angel Medina
- Jonathan Glapion
- Richard Starkings
- Oscar Gongora
- Todd Broeker
- Jay Fotos
- Drew Hutchison
  - Notes: (N/A)

- Udaku Part 2

Twitch continues telling his story to the woman he met in a bar. He explains that the body parts found at all the crime scenes all share the same genetic makeup but in different stages of development. He also shares how the murders all seem to be related to their former shift captain, Lt. Barnes and the Sangiacomo crime family.

Plus, it would seem that he and Sam are being set up in some way as their names have been added to a casefile for a member of the Sangiacomo Family that they had nothing to do with.

Twitch is then suprised to learn that he may be in worse shape than he thought - the woman he has been confiding in is actually internal affairs.

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