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Jessica Priest
Jessica Priest

C12, C13, C14, C16, 61, 65, 75
Jessica Anderson-Chin, Jessie, Priest
Jessica Priest | Curse of the Spawn 12Even from early childhood, Jessica Priest was insane. As a young child in upstate Maryland, Jessica lashed out at her parents when they denied her some marshmallows. But whereas a normal child might have simply thrown a tantrum, Jessica snuck into her parents’ bedroom while they were sleeping, doused their bed with lighter fluid and set it ablaze. In the fire, she killed her parents, pets, and burned their house down (C12).

After the fire, Jessica was placed in the custody of the Winslow Psychiatric Care Facility, but she did not do well there either. After killing two fellow patients, she was made to undergo electroshock therapy (C13). Eventually, she was released and allowed to attend normal schools once again. However, when she was 14, it became clear to everyone that Jessica Priest would never be a normal girl.

At Sanderson High School in South Bend, Indiana, Jessica Priest lashed out once again. She had managed to get a hold of a number of firearms and unloaded upon the school. When authorities arrived, she continued her attack, killing police officers and members of the media. After the massacre, Jessica was permanently handed over to St. Bart’s Prison for the criminally insane.

It wasn’t until a man named Jason Wynn came calling, that Jessica found some purpose in life. Wynn was an up and coming government agent who had need for skilled killers. He saw in Jessica an insatiably enthusiastic killer that could be molded to suit his needs. He arranged for her release to his care and trained her to become a deadly assassin (C14).

Jessica Priest | Curse of the Spawn 12Priest served many missions for Wynn, including igniting a war between Israel and Iraq (C12), procuring a biological weapon called Heat-16 (C14), and possibly helping to deliver the soul of Al Simmons to a demon named Malebolgia (C16).

Along the way, she suffered (in her own way) as well. For instance, while on a mission in Brazil, Jessica was beaten and forced to be a slave laborer in a uranium mine. While working in the mine, she became friends with a fellow slave named Aranxia. When Aranxia was killed, Jessica lost one of the few real human relationships that she had ever had (C13).

In fact, to fill the void she felt when it came to human interaction, Jessica created a false identity for herself and settled down. She married a man named Daniel Chin, a professor at Columbia University, and together they raised two children. Together they lived a quiet life in suburbia, while no one suspected that she was actually a trained and brutal killer (C12).
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