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Curse of the Spawn 29
Image: Trent
  - Book: Curse of the Spawn
  - Issue: 29
  - Date: March 1999
  - Writer(s):
- Alan McElroy  
  - Artist(s):
- Clayton Crain
- Chance Wolf
- Todd McFarlane
- Jonathan Glapion
- Tom Orzechowski
- Todd Broeker
- Jay Fotos
- Drew Hutchinson
  - Notes: - This is the newsstand edition. It is printed on newsprint paper and has a upc "barcode" on the front cover.
- Last Rites

Jonathan Edward Custer is the Grand Magistrate of Purgatory, or at least he was until it was scheduled for closure by order of God. It seems souls these days are too cut and dry, good or evil, so Purgatory is of no use any longer. So in an attempt to save his home, Custer goes looking for gray souls, still straddling the fence, so that they can once again populate Purgatory.
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