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Sam and Twitch 6
Image: Trent
* Shown but not named
  - Book: Sam and Twitch
  - Issue: 6
  - Date: January 2000
  - Writer(s): - Brian Michael Bendis
  - Artist(s):
- Angel Medina
- Jonathan Glapion
- Ashley Wood
- Richard Starkings
- Oscar Gongora
- Todd Broeker
- Jay Fotos
- Drew Hutchison
  - Notes: (N/A)
- Udaku Part 6

Afflek's widow pays a visit to Sam saying she lied before and does in fact have the information he needs. All the infromation is stored in a locker at Grand Central Station. When Sam and Twitch arrive, Sam gets a bad feeling like they are being set up.

In fact they are, as dozens of crooked cops surround the detectives. They are saved however by members of the Sangiacomo family stepping in and starting a gun battle with the crooked cops.
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