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Spawn The Movie Comic Adaptation
Image: Trent
  - Book: Spawn Movie Adaptation
  - Issue: (N/A)
  - Date: December 1997
  - Writer(s): - Mark Dippe      (Story)
- Alan McElroy   (Story, Screenplay)
- Ted Adams       (Comic Adaptation)
  - Artist(s): - Carlos D'Anda   (Pencils)
- Mark Irwin         (Inks)
- Art Sinclair         (Colors)
- Amie Grenier      (Letters)
  - Notes: This is a movie adaptation printed in a trade paperback format.
- Spawn: The Movie

Al Simmons, an Agent for the corrupt A6 organization is murdered by his own and sent to Hell. There he makes a deal with Malebolgia to return to his beloved Wanda in exchange for becoming a hellspawn.

Upon returning to earth he finds his wife remarried and he has been reborn as a hellspawn with a living suit and amazing powers. He vows to use these powers against Hell and the forces who recreated him.
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