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Spawn 5 (Thermocolor Variant) - Germany
Image: Trent
  - Book: Spawn (Infinity)
  - Issue: 5 (Thermo-color)
  - Date: August 1997
  - Writer(s): - Please select individual US issues for writer listings
  - Artist(s): - Please select individual US issues for artist listings
  - Notes: - This cover variant has a green "thermocolor" cover that changes color when heat is applied.
- The cover originally had a thin plastic protective sheet placed over the top of it that was meant to be discarded. The sheets could be yellow or red (The one on the book pictured is yellow).
- This variant was limited to only 400 copies and includes a signed and numbered certificate.
- Contains Spawn issues 9 and 11 (US).
- Prestige format edition.
There is no synopsis available yet.
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