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Series 5: Vandalizer
vandalizer v1 vandalizer v1
  • Original gray skinned
  • Dark gray "M" on top of head
vandalizer v2 vandalizer v2
  • Original gray skinned
  • Light gray "M" on top of head
vandalizer v3
  • Canadian "bi-lingual" edition
vandalizer v4
  • Spanish edition
vandalizer v5
  • German edition
vandalizer v6 vandalizer v6
  • Gold German edition
vandalizer v7 vandalizer v7
  • Platinum German edition
vandalizer v8 vandalizer v8
  • Repaint: Tan skinned
vandalizer v9 vandalizer v9
  • Resculpt: Red skin (FAO Schwartz exclusive)
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