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Gretchen Culver
Gretchen Culver | Curse of the Spawn 5Gretchen Culver was a pleasant, beautiful office manager for a boutique-publishing house called McGregor Arnold, and she was engaged to a nice man named Wayne Tannanger. Unfortunately, she met a gruesome end before they could be wed.

The night her life ended, she was to meet with a new writer named John Mawbley in a coffee shop. John, as it turns out, was an insane serial killer, and when Gretchen arrived to meet him, he had just finished slaughtering everyone in the bar and was removing their eyes. Clearly shocked, Gretchen ran for cover as John pulled a gun and opened fire on her. Running into the street she was hit by an arriving police cruiser.

Seriously injured, Gretchen was placed onto a stretcher and into an ambulance for quick transport to a hospital. During the ride, however, things got much worse. The officers and paramedics riding with Gretchen were corrupt acquaintances with a habit of raping the victims they should be protecting. They drugged Gretchen and repeatedly raped her, until she unexpectedly awoke.

Struggling against her attackers, Gretchen grabbed a gun off one of the attackers and managed to get off a shot before being knocked unconscious once again by their nightsticks. Mistaking her for dead, the police and paramedics quickly devised a plan to cover their tracks. They took her to a man able to quietly dispose of bodies, a man whose services they had used before: a serial killer named Jeremiah Euden (C5).

Jeremiah, The Rose Killer, dismembered poor Gretchen and then sent her body floating down the East River in garbage bags. A mysterious Santeria woman living in an abandoned carnival recovered the bags. This old woman, named Odessa, ritually sewed Gretchen’s body back together, giving birth to Suture.

Suture | Curse of the Spawn 7After Gretchen was reborn as the avenging Suture, she began to hunt down and kill serial killers throughout the city, including John Mawbley (C6). She then moved on to hunting down those responsible for her death, starting with the rapist paramedics, then Jeremiah Euden himself. Suture mutilated Jeremiah as he had done to her and his other victims, and then delivered his corpse to the police, after which she surrendered herself to their custody (C7).

Surrender was merely a ploy of course, a ploy to get close to the dirty cops who had raped her. When they arrived, Suture unleashed her anger on all those that stood in her way and slaughtered the crooked cops one by one. The final cop to receive her vengeance, Doug Halliday, fled into the streets and into the East River. Suture caught up with him in an abandoned carnival, the same place that she had been reborn. After sufficiently mutilating Halliday, Suture slumped down and reflected on her life and afterlife. Sam and Twitch, who had been following the events, soon arrived with a gift for Gretchen - before he died, her fiancée Wayne gave Twitch the wedding ring she never got to wear (C8).

Suture | Curse of the Spawn 27As time passed, Suture continued to hunt serial killers after they reached a certain number of kills. Two FBI profilers hunting Suture, including Marc Simmons, decided to use one of her targets, the Crocodile Killer, as bait in order to trap her. The plan failed, however, as one of the agents was killed and Suture escaped unharmed (C27).

Pondering what she had become as well as what she once was, Suture decided she needed help in coming to terms with things. She sought out the advice of a famous psychiatrist named Dr. Ian Saunders, who she also knew to be the serial killer known as the Head Hunter. She offered Saunders a deal in which she would allow him to live if he would council her.

He agreed, and through their session she realized that even in life as Gretchen she was manipulated by society. Only in her new life as Suture had she taken life into her own hands and been the master of her own fate. Confident with the life she had chosen, Suture set off on the hunt once again (C28).
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