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Mother of Miracles, Man of Miracles, Kali, The Keeper, Greenlady, Mother Nature
- Creation of Man

Mother | Spawn 158The being known as Mother is the creator of the universe. There is no being greater than she, and her powers appear to be limitless. She is known as Mother to her children, of which there are more than there are numbers, but she is neither male nor female. In fact, she often appears as males if the situation suits her. She has appeared as many forms throughout the ages and can appear differently to different people simultaneously.

Of her countless children, her two greatest disappointments were entrusted with the planet Earth. These two beings, whom we know as God and Satan, have squabbled and fought for ages. Their incessant bickering developed into complete hatred for one another and eventually all out war. Ordinarily, Mother would have allowed them to continue fighting as they saw fit (as she rarely gets involved with the affairs of her children). These two petty and hateful children, however, despite their never-ending feud managed to create something beautiful and wholly unique in the universe – mankind.

Mankind was created by God to serve his will, but his creation was tainted by his hateful brother Satan. Man was given free will so as to disobey God’s commands. The combined influence of both God and Satan led to the unique creation that is a human being - a creature capable of boundless artistic expression and limitless love, a creature which Mother deemed important enough to protect personally (158).

- Corruption of Man

When the escalation of God and Satan’s war with each other veered down a course that would ultimately lead to the destruction of mankind (through Armageddon), Mother intervened. She would not allow her petty children to destroy their own wonderful creation. Thus, she abruptly removed God and Satan from their respective thrones to stave off the war for mankind’s souls that they had begun. Additionally, she appeared on Earth personally to lead mankind away from the corruption caused by her children.
Mother appeared on Earth as Christ, a way for her to teach mankind about love and peace and then leave once again to allow us to continue on unfettered. While on Earth, she gathered twelve disciples who would continue her teachings after her departure. One of her disciples, Judas Iscariot, was given the unenviable task of betraying Christ in order to complete Mother’s plan.

Unfortunately, the well developed bureaucratic natures of both Heaven and Hell worked against Mother. After the death of Christ, her disciples continued to teach her gospel, but the forces of Heaven and Hell continued on despite the absence of their leaders. Neither power could show weakness by revealing that their leader was missing, so each power continued their missions as though nothing was wrong. Their corruption of mankind persisted, and Armageddon continued to inch towards reality.

- Creation of Spawn

Nearly two millenniums later, Mother began setting in motion efforts to derail Armageddon once again. Hell was about to create a new hellspawn from a man named Al Simmons, and Mother saw a spark in him that encouraged her to act. When Al Was transformed into Spawn, Mother secretly infused some 6000 other souls within him – the souls that died on Earth in the same hour that Al Simmons was killed. No one knew of the souls except Mother, not even Spawn himself (158).

Mother as the Greenlady | Spawn 164One of the souls, a boy named Christopher Welland, was of particular significance. He would act as Spawn’s innocence and the conscience that Al Simmons lacked (150). Young Christopher died while trying to prove himself to local bullies. In the moment before his death, Mother appeared to Christopher’s distraught mother in the form of the Greenlady and asked if she could take Christopher away for a while. If Christopher’s mother agreed, the Greenlady promised he would return to her one day. Mrs. Welland agreed and Christopher joined the conglomeration of souls within Spawn (151).

As Spawn learned to cope with his new situation, Hell became increasingly frustrated that they were unable to control him as easily as previous hellspawn. Likewise, Heaven was confused by the actions of the new hellspawn and were unsure how to respond. As a result, Spawn endured many trials at the hands of both Heaven and Hell, but through each situation he seemed to gain more knowledge of his existence.

When Mother felt Spawn had matured enough, she appeared to him and asked for his help staving off Armageddon. She appeared in the form of the Keeper, the leader of a third power equal to Heaven and Hell called Greenworld. The Keeper explained that the cosmic war for the souls of mankind must be stopped, or else the Earth could be destroyed in the process. Greenworld could not allow this to happen and, thus, would destroy mankind to save the Earth if necessary (75).

Mother as The Keeper | Spawn 75Mother’s false threats succeeded in spurring Spawn into action to defend mankind and Earth against the forces of Heaven and Hell. Despite the effort, however, the chances for Armageddon only seemed to increase. Eventually, Mother gave one more attempt to change the status quo. She sent her two children, God and Satan, to be reborn on Earth as human children (158). She had hoped that if God and Satan could experience life as humans growing in a loving family, they might put aside their quarrels and see the errors of their ways. She placed them in the family of Al’s former wife, Wanda Blake (94). They were born as twins (100), and despite their mystifying conception, were raised with love.

Alas, the infant gods quickly resumed their fighting without even knowing why they were doing it. It was then that Mother at last realized the inevitability of Armageddon. The battle could not be avoided unless she willed it out of existence, a step she was not willing to take. So she changed tactics – she would allow Armageddon to come to pass, but her protégé, Spawn, would rise up as man’s champion to recreate mankind without the influence of Heaven and Hell.

- Armageddon

Mother as the Man of Miracles | Spawn 150Spawn heard voices in his head telling him to return to the Dead Zone. There, Mother’s Disciple dismembered Spawn, but his body was recovered by Hell. Meanwhile, Mother retrieved Spawn’s heart personally (in the form of the Man of Miracles) and with it, she released little Christopher Welland. She intended to keep her promise to Christopher’s mother and allow him to see her once more (150).

After visiting with his grateful mother, Christopher left with Mother to retrieve Spawn from Hell. It was when they found him that Spawn had an epiphany. Suddenly, he became aware of all the souls inside him, and to a degree, he could control them (152). In the events leading up to Armageddon, Spawn travelled the world with his Legion of Lost Souls trying fruitlessly to stem the tide.

Mother as Kali | SPawn 156In India, Mother helped a pair of lost souls within Spawn named Amal and Shanti Surendra move past their former lives. They were distraught in the afterlife, clinging to their grief that their unborn child had not received a true “death” so, according to their beliefs, would not be reincarnated. Mother appeared as the Hindu god Kali and granted the Surendras a true death for their child (156).

In New York, Mother mediated a confrontation between God, Satan, Spawn and the angel Zera. Zera had located her missing lord and revealed to the young gods who they truly were. When Spawn arrived to protect Wanda and her family, Mother had to step in and save him from Zera. While she abhorred stepping in, she would not allow them to fight until Spawn had completely met his potential. She sent God and Zera back to Heaven, and sent Satan to his Hell. Speaking with Spawn, she revealed the task before him.

To save mankind, Mother explained, Spawn would have to journey through the Dead Zone to the Garden of Eden. There he would face her Disciples, but he must reach the Tree of Life and eat of its fruit. Doing so would make him a god, equivalent to God and Satan (158). He would not have to journey alone, however, young Cyan Blake would be able to speak with him telepathically along the way.

Spawn fought his way to the Tree, but he allowed himself to be defeated at the hands of Judas (because of an intuition from Cyan) (160). Mother then appeared, praising Judas for his service and explaining that he had atoned for his betrayal of Christ, but that it was truly unnecessary. Judas had to betray Christ because it was part of Mother’s plan. She bestowed the task upon him because he was her most beloved disciple.

Mother then fed Spawn’s body from the Tree of Life and he was reborn a god. The 6000 souls within him departed to another existence, which Mother assured Al would only be their beginning. Al Simmons, alone in his body for the first time since his first death, then returned to Earth to end Armageddon (161).

- The White Light

Mother | Spawn 164After Simmons destroyed all life on Earth, he allowed God and Satan to believe that he had been destroyed as well. He and Mother then looked down from above as God and Satan continued to fight alone on the barren Earth. Mother offered Spawn the chance to recreate Earth and mankind as he saw fit, so he chose to recreate things exactly as they were before Armageddon, except on a new Earth that would be free from the touch of Heaven and Hell. He also chose to abdicate his new power and return to Earth as Al Simmons once more to finally be reunited with Wanda (163).

Spawn did as he planned, but Mother did not allow him to return to Wanda. She intervened one final time – to show Al the parts of himself he had forgotten. She revealed that he was a violent, abusive person in life, and only in death had he begun to find his humanity. As penance for his own sins, she returned Al to “where he belongs” – back in the alleys as Spawn (164).

Mother then disappeared and when she will reappear is anyone’s guess. Mammon seems to believe that she will not return for another 10,000 years (183), but why (or how he could know) is uncertain.
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