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Daniel Llanso
Daniel Llanso

C1, C2, C3, C4, Salvation
Daniel Llanso | Curse of the Spawn 1 Daniel Llanso was a child born to a working-class family living on the moon in the future. His family, including his mother, father and sister Madrid, lived in a trailer dome on the moon’s dark side. Once while watching his abusive father beat his sister and mother, Danny decided to put an end to the pain. He shot and murdered his father at the tender age of 10 (C1).

Soon thereafter, Daniel was removed from his family and sent to a detention center. When he was dragged away, he made a promise to his sister Madrid that he would never give up on himself (C3). Danny kept his promise, but he had difficulty fitting in with society. By the time he was a teenager, Daniel had been in and out of juvenile detention centers and was a thief and a loner. When a crater gang on the moon attacked him, he was once again forced to kill. Daniel shattered the helmet of a punk named Reese who tried to jump him and cut his air hose (C2). After this, he would spend the rest of his life being housed in one prison after another.

Throughout his imprisonments, Daniel was repeatedly abused and beaten by the guards, staff and fellow prisoners. A particularly violent stay was within the notoriously corrupt facility referred to as Agony Base on Deimos, one of the two moons of Mars. It was in a prison on the other moon, Phobos, however, where Daniel found hope. He was assigned to a beautiful public defender named Noon and they quickly fell in love(C2).

The rest of Daniel’s life is sketchy at best. Noon was killed by persons and for reasons unknown, and Daniel at some point was either released or escaped from prison. He headed for Earth aboard a stolen freighter, but upon entry into Earth’s atmosphere, Daniel discovered he had been betrayed in some manner. His suit and ship were engulfed in fire and collided with Earth, and it is hinted that his death may have been the catalyst that began the future-Armageddon (C2).

After death, Llanso was made into a hellspawn by Phlegethonyarre, archon of the 12th level of Hell. He was reborn to an Earth ravaged by a war between mankind and the armies of Hell. When first reborn, he saved his sister Madrid and her son Matthew from a demon named Desiccator, but Daniel was rejected by them. Madrid did not recognize the creature he had become as her brother, though young Matthew felt a connection he could not explain (C1).

Daniel Llanso | Curse of the Spawn 3Confused by his rebirth and tormented by evil voices emanating from his armor, Daniel lashed out and slaughtered both the soldiers of man as well as the undead forces of Hell. He controlled massive power – his suit was a killing machine equipped with spiked tendrils, and he had a finite amount of Hell power at his disposal. Eventually he was confronted by an archdemon named Abaddon and persuaded to help destroy the surviving humans left on Earth (C2).

Llanso proceeded to lay waste to soldiers of mankind, until he stood over a pleading mother and her children. He was reminded of his own humanity and his promise to Madrid. From this point on Daniel shunned Hell and fought to defeat its forces on Earth (C3). Phlegethonyarre laid a trap for Daniel, however, by having the Anti-Pope send a man-demon named Abel to kidnap and re-babtize Matthew Llanso. He also had the creature named Bune lead an attack on the human stronghold where Madrid was.

Daniel was able to fight off the attack on the humans and destroy Bune, but Abel was successful in delivering Matthew to the archdemon Abaddon. When Daniel arrived, Abaddon gave him a choice. Daniel could either kill Matthew now, thereby sending his soul to Heaven but sealing Daniel’s fate by killing his own blood, or allow Matthew to be re-babtized which would damn his soul forever. Daniel opted for choice ‘C’ and teleported young Matthew to safety before destroying Abaddon (C4).

After the fall of Abaddon, the forces of Mankind and those of Hell regrouped and a brief calm fell over the Earth. The man-demon named Abel wandered about, aimless and soulless, until he finally decided to kill himself and relinquish his soul to Hell entirely. Daniel found him and prevented the suicide, which triggered an act of divine intervention. God redeemed Abel and sent him with Daniel to Nuvatican City for a final confrontation with the Anti-Pope.

Abel and Daniel were led directly to the Anti-Pope’s chamber, who mistakenly felt they were no threat. Abel quickly dispatched the vile pontiff, and the remaining soldiers of mankind destroyed Nuvatican City.

The fate of Daniel is a bit unclear. Just before the destruction of Nuvatican City, after the death of the Anti-Pope, the mysterious creature called Deurges confronted Daniel. It has been hinted that Deurges may be the serpent spoken of in Revelations, or that he might also be the devil himself. Whoever he is, just before the city exploded Daniel whispered to him “I give you, in his name, what you fear most! Salvation and forgiveness.”

Phlegethonyarre then sulked alone in Hell, asking aloud why he is forced to repeat his failures and suffer alone (Salvation).
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