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Case Files 1
Image: Trent
* Shown but not named
  - Book: Case Files: Sam and Twitch
  - Issue: 1
  - Date: May 2003
  - Writer(s):
- Marc Andreyko  
  - Artist(s):

- Scott Morse
- Jay Fotos
- Jimmy Betancourt
- Michael Seghers
- Ben Timmreck

(Graphic design)
(Art direction)
  - Notes: This story arc is told in an interesting 3 tiered format where, roughly speaking, tier one tells the first act of the story, tier 2 tells the middle, and tier 3 tells the final act.
- Have You Seen Me? Part 1

Tier 1: It's Sam and Twitch's day off and Twitch is given a set of errands from his wife. He will not be able to complete one item on the list - to pick up his daughter Lauren - as she has been kidnapped.

Tier 2: Twitch, along with his family and Sam, attends the funeral of his son Max Jr.

Tier 3: Sam visits Twitch in prison, and hires a high priced celebrity's attorney to defend him.
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