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Aria / Angela 1a Museum Edition (Half-Tone)
Image: Trent
  - Book: Aria / Angela
  - Issue: 1 (Half-Toned Museum Edition, Jay Anacleto cover)
  - Date: February 2000
  - Writer(s):
- Brian Holguin  
  - Artist(s):
- Jay Anacleto
- Avalon Studios
- Dennis Heisler
- Doug Griffith
- Kenny Felix
(Pencils, Inks)
(Art Direction)
(Graphic Design)
  - Notes: - There are 7 different covers for this issue printed in varying formats, for a total of 22 different versions plus a collector's pack.
- This is a Museum Edition of the Jay Anacleto cover. Museum Editions are printed on a rag paper and are limited to 100 copies.
- This cover color is roughly half the color saturation of the regular museum editions and the accompanying strip across the cover has a reddish tint (as opposed to grey).
There is no synopsis available yet.
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