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Image Hardcover
Image: Trent
  - Book: Image Comics Hardcover
  - Issue: 1
  - Date: November 2005
  - Writer(s):

Spawn section:
- Todd McFarlane

  - Artist(s):

Spawn section:
- Todd McFarlane
- Jay Fotos
- Jason Gonzales

  - Notes: - This hardcover book includes a dustjacket cover.
- It is a compilation of 4 stories of original Image characters by their creators. It includes Spawn, Savage Dragon, Cyberforce and Shadowhawk.

- Spawn Section

The tale of Al Simmons is recounted up to current events (as of late 2005, near issue 150). Then, while sitting perched on his throne, Spawn is confronted by a stranger who calls himself a Man of Miracles. The stranger knows much about Spawn, and tries to persuade Al that he is not what he has been led to believe.

According to the Man of Miracles, Spawn is still a pawn of Hell, and is kept complacent by means of the way he was created. He was made from the combination of Hellspawn and only a piece of the soul of Al Simmons. This is why his memories are fragmented and his will diminished.

After pondering this new information for some time, Spawn decides to pay a final visit to Wanda. He tells her he loved her but is not the husband she knew and that he must let her get on with her life. He then says goodbye for the last time.

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